Canadian Food Focus Display and Resources

We love the bright inviting nature of the display and postcards we just helped develop for Canadian Food Focus! The resources have been a flexible tool that works for many different events we attend.

Canadian Food Focus Articles

As you all know we are so excited to be managing the Canadian Food Focus program. It really feels like a project we have been training for our whole lives and brings together our passion for celebrating farming and the food grown and raised in Canada! It has also been an opportunity to dig a little further and write about those farm to fork topics. Here are a few articles written for the new Canadian Food Focus Website.

Pick Pork Logo Refresh

We have been managing the Sask Pork social media strategy for 4 years. We were excited to mix things up and work on this new set of logos for that promotion. Love this refreshed Pick Pork brand we developed for them. We have applied it to their consumer social media platforms on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube and Instagram and looking forward to applying it to a new set of graphics for these social media platforms.

Canadian Food Focus Display and Handouts

This is a banner display and handouts we we developed for Canadian Food Focus. Love the bright cheery colors and working hands we weaved into this promotion! We also used these visuals in Facebook advertising and for the launch of this new brand. #everythinggrows

Canadian Food Focus Launched

We are so excited about this new project - Canadian Food Focus. Our team has been part of the initial branding and then conceptualized the website and social media rollout. We now mangae the website and social media platforms. We launched the website on March 20th - the first day of Spring. Check out the website and Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest pages.

Canadian Food Focus Social Media

Here is a sneak peak of one of our newest projects - a consumer website and social media platform focused on telling Canadian food & farm stories, exploring how #everythinggrows, sharing recipes & advice to help consumers make confident food choices. We are so excited to be working on this with Farm & Food Care SK.

Recipe Round Up Articles for CanolaInfo website

Samples of Recipe Round Up articles written for the CanolaInfo website.

11 Homemade Soups to Keep you Warm and Cozy

Curl up with a bowl of one of these delicious soups to help you get through those cold winter days. 

10 Holiday Cookie Exchange Recipe Ideas

Tis the season for a sweet treat. Plan a baking day to try some of our favorite holiday cookies or call up friends and do a cookie exchange! Here are 10 cookies with the holidays in mind. Enjoy!

10 Holiday Breakfast and Brunch Ideas

Forget hectic mornings and breakfast on the go. The holidays are the perfect time to enjoy a leisurely morning and savor a relaxing breakfast. Here are 10 delicious recipe ideas for an extra special breakfast. Happy Holidays!

9 DIY Spa Day Ideas

Easy homemade spa recipes to help you rejuvenate!

10 Heart Healthy Recipes for Men’s Health

We hope these recipes will encourage men to cook with some of their favorite ingredients in a heart-healthier way.

Recipe Development with Renée Kohlman

Recipe Development with Renée Kohlman

We have partnered several times with cookbook author, writer and recipe developer, Renée Kohlman to develop recipes for recipe database and the Spread the Mustard Cookbook.

BlueSkyIdeas initiated development with Renée and then tested, formatted and supplied the nutritional analysis for the recipes.  Food Styling and Photography: BlueSky Ideas.

BlueSky Ideas initiated development with Renée and formatted and supplied the nutritional analysis for the Spread The Mustard Cookbook.  This project was managed by AgriBiz.  Food Styling and Photography: Bob Deutscher.

Check out some of the recipes by Renée. 

Flaxseed Brownies with Fruit and Nuts. Recipe courtesy of

Flaxseed Brownies with Fruit and Nuts. Recipe courtesy of