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Farm to Fork Tour 2018

We love this video from the Saskatchewanderer about the Farm to Fork tour we organized for Farm & Food Care SK.

Recipe Development: Recipe Testing | Nutritional Analysis | Management

Recipe Development: Recipe testing 

Recipes are the legs your food product stands on. A tried and true (tested) recipe will show your target not only how to use your product but how to enjoy it. Partner a great recipe with a tasty looking photo and an interesting story and you are more than halfway to creating a great campaign. 

We love recipes and can help by developing new recipes or testing existing recipes. We do develop recipes in-house or can connect you with numerous food writers, cookbook authours, dietitians, chefs or food bloggers to develop recipes.

We use Food Processing Nutritional Analysis Software by ESHA Research to generate a nutritional analysis of recipes. More info>

We do food photography and hands and pans videos in-house or can connect you with other food photographers and videographers.

Final we also specialize in developing database systems to manage recipes online.  Here are two examples: 

For more information contact: DOROTHY | BLUESKY IDEAS | EMAIL