We are a boutique PR firm that loves to tell stories especially those celebrating the flavours of food grown and raised under our big blue sky.  From branding to content development to social strategies to event management our team focuses on creating content and experiences that connect meaningfully with our audience. We have an established network of creative, connected, blue-sky experts and influencers who love to think big and make ideas happen. 



A website is your virtual 24/7 office. Not only does it need to be visually appealing and easy to navigate but the content must quickly convey your key messages. We can help you decide what is important, where it should go and then build a visually appealing site suited to your budget. Here are a few examples of our website work>

Social Media

Social media is a key ingredient of your brand's voice and an invaluable tool to connect with your audience. We can help develop your social media strategy, hone your messages, prepare content calendars, create engaging content, post to your profiles and help manage and build your communities. Check out some of social media work>

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Content Development

A pictures says a 1000 words. But what if you need 500 actual words to explain your brand. We can help! The main challenge of content development is not to become boring while explaining the details. If your copy doesn’t have personality, you’re leaving brand equity on the table. 

From copy writing to resource development, we have expertise ranging from developing consumer friendly blog posts and handouts to media releases to technical documents. We also provide translation services.  Here are a few examples of our content development work> 



Recipe Development and Management

Recipes are the legs your food product stands on. A tried and true (tested) recipe will show your target not only how to use your product but how to enjoy it. Partner a great recipe with a tasty looking photo and an interesting story and you are more than halfway to creating a great campaign. 

We love recipes and can help by developing new recipes or testing existing ones. We do develop recipes in-house or can connect you with numerous food writers, cookbook authors, dietitians, chefs or food bloggers to develop recipes. We also develop database systems to manage recipes online.  

We use Food Processing Nutritional Analysis Software by ESHA Research to generate nutritional analysis of recipes. More info>

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Looking to engage your audience? Video is the number one for social media engagement. Check out our Hands and Pans Videos on our BlueSky Ideas Youtube Channel> for playlists of our video by client. We do hands and pans videos in-house or can connect you with other videographers.

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Branding is one of the most important aspects of your business.  In an increasingly image focused world branding is the visual cue to your audience of who you are, why you are here, and what makes you unique! Although, branding is more than a fancy logo, consistent colour palette and fonts that is a great place to start. Check out some of the brands> we have helped develop.

FooD Styling and photography

Did you know that millennials spend on average 5 days per year looking at food photos? Check out some of our food photography> here, as well as, some of the social media graphics we have create using these photos. We do food photography in-house or can connect you with other food stylist and photographers.


Event Management

A successful event is all in the details. From arranging to exhibit at a conference to farm tours to cooking demonstrations to arranging speakers to gala evenings our team loves to figure out the most meaningful angle for the audience and then put all the details around it.  Here are some examples of the various events> we have planned and executed.