We are a boutique PR firm with a lot of in-house capability. However, if we can't do it... we also have an established network of creative, connected, blue-sky experts, foodies and influencers from across Canada, the US and Mexico. Looking for a recipe developer specializing in heart-healthy recipes that taste great - we know a few. Or maybe you need a food stylist in New York City or Saskatoon, Saskatchewan - we can hook you up!


Dorothy Long |
Principal | Marketing Director

Dorothy is a resourceful, solution-oriented, marketing specialist with over 20 years of public relations experience within the food and agriculture industry. She has a well-established and extensive network of the top food and health influencers across Canada, the US and Mexico.  Dorothy and her team love to create synergistic content and strategies to help clients connect meaningfully with their audience.  Dorothy's passion is partnering clients with influencers to help tell their story through engaging communications.  A few of the projects she is most proud of include helping to build the CanolaInfo and HealthyFlax.org marketing programs from initial branding to content development, executing events, marketing campaigns and social media strategies. Another career high point has been conceptualizing and executing Canola Camp, a highly regarded food media event that educates food writers, chefs and dietitians from around the world about canola oil. Recently, Dorothy has been excited to join the Farm & Food Care SK Team to deliver farm tours to food influencers and to develop consumer-friendly social media content on food and farming.   LinkedIn Profile> 


Leah Mann |
Creative Director | Whitespace Design

A design-loving, trend-savvy business women, Leah has worked in marketing and design for 15+ years. She founded her own boutique firm, Whitespace Communication & Design in 2009. Her firm focuses on public relations, marketing, website management, connecting clients to key influencers, branding, social media strategies, event planning and other design projects. Leah has worked with various clients over the years- all the way from commodity groups, home design retailers, to independent small shops.  Some of her favorite projects include website management & design of the CanolaInfo.org website. This involves working on international media campaigns, 4 language microsites, and keeping the design & content fresh throughout the website.  Another career highlight has been managing a food media tour, called Canola Camp.  This includes working with some of the top foodies, authors, chefs, food industry, dietitians, and TV personalities around. With her creativity, energy and passion for marketing, style and design she can elevate any project that you might need help with. LinkedIn Profile>


Angela Larson |
Social Media Specialist

Angela, our social media guru is a whiz at developing and designing content. She oversees social media content development including graphics, photography and videos.  She also helps strategize and implement campaigns. 

Julie Kenyon |
Recipe Content Specialist

Julie has a way with food.  She can make it look good and taste even better. Julie helps manage our recipe development, curates food relate social media content and oversees the recipe databases that we manage. 

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